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1.Will clip-in hair extensions harm my natural hair?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! The application method is simply clipping wefts to your hair like any other traditional hair clip; Additionally, OMGQueenHair clip-in hair extensions are made by 100% human hair, so they are definitely harmless to your natural hair.

2.Will others notice that I’m wearing clip-in hair extensions?

With the proper way to clip in the wefts, clip-in hair extensions are virtually undetectable. The base of each weft is thin and flat; these wefts are clipped in, between two layers of your own hair, which make clip-in hair extensions just like your own natural hair.

3.How do I clip in hair extensions?

Normally, our standard 8-piece clip in hair extensions as below picture shows.
One 8 inch piece, one 7 inch piece and one 6 inch piece on the back of your head, four 2 inch pieces on each side of your head,
and another 6 inch piece you can adjust according to your own needs, apply to the back of your head or cut to 3 inch for the each
side of your head.
There are many useful videos on YouTube shared by some pretty girls showing us how they applied their clip ins. You can learn from them too.

4.How long will it take to clip in hair extensions?

With a few times practicing, it is extremely easy to clip in hair extensions. it can take about 5 minutes to clip in the whole set of hair extensions!

5.How long do my clip-in hair extensions last?

The lifespan of clip-in hair extensions depends on how you take care of them, which kinds of products using on them, and the frequency you wearing them. With the right treatment and regular wearing, OMGQueenHair clip-in hair extensions last 6 months up to a year and even longer! We have good tips and tricks for you; please check how to take care of my clip-in hair extensions.

6.Which color should I choose?

Always choose the lighter color than your natural hair, since the color of your natural hair will fade because of the sunshine. Besides, lighter shade could be easily dyed into darker shade, but not vice versa. If you still have any question, feel free to send us an email to [email protected] of your hair taken outside in natural light and we would love to advice colour match you.

7.Which Weight of Hair Extensions Should I Choose?

If your natural hair is fine or thin hair, We recommend the thin clip in hair extension set. If you want to have a fuller final appearance, medium and high volumes are recommended to you. The super sizes (such as 30"-300g) will be provided to meet your demands for super big/long hair. If your hair is about shoulder length, which means it is at least 6 inches long, you can wear our thickest clip in hair extensions set, it can blend well.

8.What length of clip-in hair extensions should I choose for my natural hair?

No matter how long your hair is, clip in hair extensions should be worn from the top downwards, around 2-6 inch; therefore if the length of the extension is N inch, the whole length will be N + 6 inch. (Eg: If you want to add length to 24 inches long, 18 inches clip in will be recommended.)

9.Can I dye my hair extensions?

Absolutely, OMGQueenHair clip-in hair extensions are made by 100% human hair; you can deal with the hair extensions just like your own hair! OMGQueenHair #613 hair extensions can easily dye into any color you like. Other Specific color hair extensions, you can dye it into darker color than itself. If you do decide to get them dyed, we recommend for a one clip weft to be tester first prior to dyeing/toning the full set to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

10.Can I straighten or curl my clip-in hair extensions?

As OMGQueenHair clip-in hair extensions are made by 100% human hair, you can straighten or curl the hair extensions just like your own hair. But remember, in order to preserve and extend the lifespan, always use the heat protectant spray to perm your hair.

11.Which kinds of products can I use on my clip-in hair extensions?

Since the hair extensions won’t receive any nutrition from scalp anymore, it is important to choose the right products in order to preserve and extend the lifespan of hair extensions. We strongly recommend organic product if possible, or at least the products which are alcohol-free and sulfate-free.

12.How often should I wash my hair extensions ?

Please kindly notice that the less you wash your hair extensions, the longer they can be with you. Since they won’t get oil from scalp anymore; we suggest that only wash your hair extensions when they look like really need it. With regular wearing, wash hair extensions every 20-25 wears.

13.How to wash my hair extensions and how to dry them?

For the details, please check how to take care of my clip-in hair extensions.

14.Can I wear clip-in hair extensions while I sleep?

We strongly do not recommend sleeping with hair extensions clipped in. This might cause unexpected tangling, which would damage both hair extensions and your own hair. So please remove the hair extensions before go to sleep.

15.Can I wear clip-in hair extensions while I swim?

We strongly do not recommend swimming with hair extensions clipped in, or getting them wet except wishing them by pure water. Chlorine from swimming pool and salt from sea water will damage your hair extensions. If you have to swim with hair extensions, please tie up your hair to avoid getting them wet.

16.Can I wear clip-in hair extensions while I do sports?

We strongly do not recommend doing any physical activity with hair extensions clipped in. Since hair extensions and your own hair might tangle together due to sweat, moisture or dirt because of the intense physical activity.

17.What’s the meaning of plus days when ordering the hair extensions?

Due to ordering peak or customized ordering, we might short for our best selling products or need period of time to process your order. So we’ve added the working days needed on our website to help you ordering. We deliver your order by FedEx/DHL, the shipping days are 3-7 working days. For more details, please check Shipment & Return.

18.What payment methods do you accept? How to pay by card?

We accept payment by PayPal, Card, Western Union, Money Gram, and Bank Transfers. We suggest to pay by PayPal account, It is easier and more safe for your account, If you still want to pay by Card, Pls check below pics about how to pay by card.

How to pay with card?

Step 1: Choose "Checkout with PayPal" at shopping cart 

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Step 2: Then choose" Pay with Debit or Credit Card"

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