Hair Care

With proper care, the hair extensions can last longer. Pls check below tips carefully, thank you :) 

1.Choose the right hair products

Since the hair extensions won’t receive any nutrition from scalp anymore, it is important to choose the right products in order to preserve and extend the lifespan of hair extensions.We strongly recommend organic product if possible, or at least the products which are alcohol-free and sulfate-free.

2.Better using heat protectant spray to treat OMGQueenHair

We strongly recommend you to use heat protectant spray with a low heat setting of 120C/250F. The higher heat will damage OMGQueenHair; not only make OMGQueenHair dry, which will lead to frizziness, matting and tangling, but also cut the lifespan of OMGQueenHair.

3.Do not sleep, swim or do intense physical activities with OMGQueenHair

Sleeping with OMGQueenHair might cause unexpected tangling, which would damage both hair extensions and your own hair. OMGQueenHair will be damaged by     chlorine from swimming pool and salt from sea water when you are swimming. Doing intense physical activities will make your OMGQueenHair under the condition of   sweat, moisture or dirt, which will tangleyour natural hair and hair extensions; it will also cut the lifespan of OMGQueenHair.

4.How to wash and dry OMGQueenHair

Since hair extensions do not receive natural oils from the scalp like our own hair, they do not need to be washed as often. We suggest only washing your hair every 20-25 wears or when there is too much product build-up and they become unmanageable to style. Please keep in mind that the less you wash your hair, the longer they will last you. We suggest to brush the hair Before washing, please make sure OMGQueenHair is detangled by brushing with wide tooth comb. You can easily wash OMGQueenHair just like your own hair in a sink of lukewarm water. Apply the shampoo which is better alcohol-free and sulfate-free, rinse off. Then apply generous amount of conditioner to OMGQueenHair, rinse off.

5.How to store OMGQueenHair

After removing OMGQueenHair, please store it under a clean, moderate humidity, and spacious place. You can roll OMGQueenHair and then put it in our lovely package.